1. Music for lovers: M.U.S.I.C. (Club’b 1001- XSV Music)
  2. Genetic Design: Glowing sounds of darkness-Orion (ME 010-5- XSV Music)
  3. Groove Society: It doesn’t matter (Club’b 1004- XSV Music)
  4. Music for lovers: So Special (Club,b 1005- XSV Music)
  5. Genetic Design: Sirens (ME 012-5- XSV Music)
  6. Vertical Vibes: Endorphins (4th Groove 004- Twist Records)
  7. Push to flush: Then you’ll be it (Profile 001- XSV Music)
  8. 20 % x-tra free: Work that body/ It,s mine (Basic Beat 2405- Basic Beat Records)
  9. Groove Society: Into the deep (Flower Grooves 001-5- XSV Music)
  10. Oshawa: Take over (Flower Grooves 002-5- XSV Music)
  11. Groove Society: Rumble (Flower Grooves 003-5- XSV Music)
  12. Groove Society: The Comeback (Flower Grooves 006-5- XSV Music)
  13. Copy-Cutters: Switch (Flower Grooves 008-5- XSV Music)
  14. Probe: The Drive (Electoxic Records 002-5- XSV Music)
  15. Doyle & Munro: The Arousal (Ozone Records 005-5- XSV Music)
  16. Pitch-Black: Gear (Rough Cuts 9706- Vernoth Music)
  17. Party ‘n Co: Destiny (Playground Productions 504)
  18. Direct Drive: Grind (KK Records KKT 015)
  19. Direct Drive: Semtex (KK Records KKT 016)
  20. JohnJohn: Blue Event (NL Recordings 705)
  21. SunTan: Umeda (Big Time International- 21st Century label)
  22. Digital Pimp: Funky Sound (Big Time International- 21st Century label)
  23. Passion Inc: My Life (Warner Music Benelux, Frenetic label)
  24. Swift Movers: Sonic Regret/Glide (Black Hole Recordings-WildLife label)
  25. Swift Movers: People come Together + remix by Jaimy and Kenny D. (BlackHole Rec- WildLife)
  26. JohnJohn: Existence (dj Tiesto’s BlackHole Records- WildLife label)
  27. Vintage: Switchboard (X-Trax 032-Midtown Records.).
  28. NightMan: Groove Scale 1/ Organic Moves (Roadrunner Arcade- Clubstitute label)

Releases 2000- 2006
(two contemporary healing albums released at SoundsTrue USA april 2007, worldwide release, minimal sales 45.000 copies!)

CD compilations featuring licensed tracks John Consemulder ;

Roland Dancegear cd, Hugo Boss special cd for all Hugo Boss shops in Europe and Asia, Chemistry (mixed by dj Marcello & dj Brian S), Dance Valley Ibiza 2001, 4 Elements, Impulz (winter edition), Kriti Vibes (tv cd, mixed by dj's Erick E & Mark van Dale), Body & Sounds vol 1 (Andrea's Choice), Trancetrip, Megarave, Groove Spotting, Pure Belgium, Natural Born Electro vol. 9, Techno Computer 5, MUZIK cd 1 Slam Mix Soma, Stardust, Natural Born Techno 8, Hard Trance (the electric Mindfuck), House Techno mani vol 1, After Trance vol 3 (the ultimate techno morning mix), Trance (the ultimate collection, tv 4 cd), Carat, Door 't lint (tv cd, deel 1), Trance 100 (tv 4 cd), De Danssalon (summernight experience) and many more...